Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chasing a Moving Target

Since Chef Driven changes his menu so frequently, it is hard to catch some of the items folks (myself included) have reviewed in various articles, blog posts, and other publications before they go bye-bye in favor of something else.  The good news is, some items occasionally slip back on the menu for a spell, although usually with a minor tweak or two.  And yesterday, sporting a nearly all new menu, I took the opportunity to sample two more selections before they go away: spinach gazpacho and pork sliders.  

Similar to what I said recently about Chef Jess over at Cirque Cuisine, Chef Jerry appears to be seconding the philosophy of inadvertently getting me to eat more vegetables by producing freakin' amazing concoctions, and today it was with the spinach gazpacho.  Think of it akin to pesto, but a thinner, more pureed texture and not oily like pesto can be.  I could totally get used to eating more vegetables if they're all done as yummy as this!

After downing my sample of the chilled soup, I received my order of sliders and salad.  The two generous mini-sandwiches of herb roasted pork topped with a simple cabbage and carrot slaw and red wine sauce were juicy with a appetizing tang generated by the melding of marinade and sauce.  But in my opinion, the highlight of this order was the corn & microgreen salad -- sweet from the roasted corn, crunch from diced jicama(?), and earthiness from a light sprinkle of truffle.  I'm hoping this is a side that doesn't go in to hiatus too quickly.  (...or EVER as far as I'm concerned!)  Not that the sliders weren't delicious, but I could easily go for a soup and salad with these offerings.  As always, great job Jerry, and thank you!

Meanwhile, I've made several other re-visits over the last week or so, although most notably to Pho Junkies where I learned the trick is to ask for extra sauce, since it doesn't seem like they are going to abandon the plan of pre-packaged sauces.  This time I ended up with two of the sriracha-laced hoisin packs, plus a smaller sriracha-only cup and I was much happier with my "doctoring" of the pho.  However, as promised, this time I did order the shrimp rolls, and let's just say I'd suggest sticking with the spring rolls: inside the perfectly crispy wrappers, the shrimp came out WAYYY over cooked.

Another truck I've visited twice in the last two weeks in Rolls on Rolls.  No surprise to some, it seems I become easily obsessed, because after my return about a month ago where I discovered the kathie rolls had substantially improved and they had become a truck who really knows how to serve up the spicy in their food, I can't seem to stay away.  However last week as I sat in my office enjoying my roll, I had four people standing in my doorway by the end thinking something salacious was going on due my "panting" from the heat.  I quite enjoyed the roll, but let's just say it's a good thing the office was pretty vacant at the time and was populated with friends who aren't easily offended.  Thus, when I went yesterday (in the rain so I for sure had to eat at my desk,) I asked for something "between medium and spicy" -- I was offered "medium-plus".  PERFECT!  Thank you, and I'll be seeing you again soon!

Finally, scheduled for posting later today, my latest Eat Street blog post will profile Cirque Cuisine, where "the food is so good it will knock your socks off."  (Inside joke you will all soon be privy to.  I will link to it when it's live.)  UPDATE: Here's the link.

Happy Eating...!

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