Thursday, July 28, 2011

I go on a short vacation, and...

...several more trucks are announced.

Two Korean food trucks, @SeoulFoodDC is coming to DC & VA in August and @AZNeats will be trolling DC in a couple of weeks as well.  UPDATE (23Aug): @seoulfooddc opened today, but tweeted late in the day suggesting they would NOT be seeking a license for DC.  That was a change even from the BestBites blog post, with an owner interview, earlier in the day.

@cornedbeefking will also start in August In Montgomery County.

I did finally get to try BBQ Bus today and was pleased.  See the original blog post with the consolidated list for updates.

While I was at Farrugut Square today, I did see a mystery truck today serving Steak & Cheese and burgers.  I asked around but nobody knew anything about it.  It was licensed, but still looked a bit sketchy.  Let me know if you know anything about the mystery truck pictured below: