Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sang has returned west of 14th Street

It seems like forever since Sang has been on this side of 14th Street NW, particularly considering at one point GWU was visited at least two days a week.  But today she popped her Farragut cherry for the first time... on a day that almost felt like a Farragut Friday given the volume of mobile eateries lining the square.  For me personally, it's been probably a year since I've had the chance to have some BBQ meatballs with noodles.  In that time, the prices seem to have remained about the same, yet you can see from the photos on the Ratings page 1/2 as many meatballs are being served with the combo.  Instead, since there are huge pieces of tofu and vegetables mixed in with the Drunken Noodles, so if those are your sort of thing, no problem because plenty of both comes with the noted side.  I will say however, the lamb meatballs were the best I've had from Sang with great flavor and juicy goodness.  (...just wish there were more than 2...)

For the first time, I also ordered an egg roll with my combo, and I was pleasantly surprised by the pork & veg crispy treat, made even better with the sauce which is ladled on just as you are passed your order.  $10 for the 2 meatballs, noodles, and an egg roll.

A bit after lunch, I was finally able to catch up with Stella's PopKern for an afternoon snack.  Having seen the menu a couple of times, it seems like the usual suspects are a large variety of cheese and/or caramel flavored popcorns, along with a french chocolate and salt mixed blend.  And then a couple options for olive oil & some-other-seasoning blend which seem to change regularly.  For example, last week one could have ordered basil olive oil with Thai ginger salt or Tuscan herb olive oil with rosemary sea salt.  Then yesterday the choices were lemon olive oil with salt & cracked pepper or roasted chili olive oil with lime fresco sea salt.  I went for the second option and found it to be light, both in flavor and in that it didn't "weigh me down".  It might be nice for a bit more seasoning, but will say my enjoyment increased the further I made it through the bag.  Prices range from $2.75-5 for a small (think small brown lunch bag sized) and $5.25-9.50 for a large.