Friday, February 10, 2012

Sesame Seeds & A Quesadilla?

I've been touting Far East Taco Grill nearly since Alex started just after Labor Day of 2011 and I will continue to because the food has remained both original and high quality.  In the 7-8 visits I've made, each and every time there has been something different on the menu from the last time.  Last time it was a kim-chicken quesadilla while today's visit featured a steak & corn one.  Marinaded rib-eye steak with the spicy corn "slaw" along with cheese and topped by crema, "#15 sauce," and sesame seeds.  I hadn't tried the #15 sauce previously because I'm in love with the spicy pineapple sauce, but it is sweet and tangy.  Tasting it by itself, I thought it might actually be too sweet for a quesadilla, however the crema diluted much of the sweetness so the blend worked nicely.  As usual, the beef and corn both satisfied.  For me, the only downside was the sesame seeds; they added a textural component that clashed with the corn pressed in the quesadilla itself.
Steak & Corn Quesadilla (w/ crema & #15 sauce) from Far East Taco Grill
Happy Weekend, folks.