Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tasty Kabob rebranded a truck to Tasty Fried

From the creators of the popular Tasty Kabob series of trucks now comes Tasty Fried, serving a variety of fried chicken or fish with picnic-type side dishes.

They've only been out a few days but currently seem to be focusing attention on their local college clientle at GWU who already get one of the 4 Tasty Kabob trucks each day.  The prevailing theory is the truck has been rebranded from one of the 5 TK trucks which were at one point circling the city.

I ordered fish & chips, along with a 3 piece tender meal wanting to try some potato salad.  Alas, no potato salad so no tenders for me then either as I understood the breading to all be the same; I'll just have to make do with sampling the breading on the fish only.  Reasonably light with nice flavor, the frying batter was actually quite enjoyable, but it was overshadowed by the fish.  Some bites were flaky and pleasing, yet others were chewy and kind of fishy tasting (not in a good way).  I believe it was due to the skin which remained on the small filets and when you got toward the ends of each piece, there wasn't enough flesh to compensate for the flavor the skin imparted.  On the other hand, the fries were crispy and gently seasoned.  Good job with those.  I did find prices to be reasonable - more so in comparison to what Tasty Kabob is charging against its competition.  3 honks.