Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lobster Truck -- GRRRRR!!

So today I left my office at 11:25 to hit the lobster truck, due to arrive at 11:30 2 blocks from my office.  When I am 1/2 block from the destination, a new tweet comes out to say "running 15 minutes late".  Since I was already there, I wasn't going to go back to my office for 5 more minutes of work before leaving again, so I started the line where the order taker was holding a spot.  11:45 the truck pulls up and then another 12 minutes to set-up.  Only then was an announcement made there were "no Connecticut rolls on board today".  No tweets.  Nothing.  Over a half hour wasted, no other nearby trucks for lunch, and I expected other destinations would have lines by then.  ANNOYED!

Despite the concern for lines, I walked to Farrugut for the good smattering of trucks, and decided to try TaKorean again.  Good call!  Moving from 3 to 3.5 honks.  Updated review (and photo) is posted in the first blog entry (list).