Friday, September 28, 2012

Guess this is becoming a monthly update...

I'm even going to convince myself that's acceptable too, given I've eaten at over 75% (if not more) of the trucks, although, to be fair, it does become hard to keep track with so many coming, going, re-branding, etc.

DC Taco Truck & Best Burritos 
With regular (and early) long lines, I was finally able to make a visit DC Taco Truck (top) for a variety trio when they recently had a rare short line, and about a week later I hit Best Burritos (bottom) for a similar order.  Both serve Mexican-style tacos (as opposed to Asian or some other variety) but prepared differently.  Whereas DC Taco Truck serves their tacos with cheese, cabbage slaw, pico, and a crema-based sauce, Best Burritos goes for a simple onion & cilantro-based salsa along with sides of rice & beans, and both serve each taco with a slice of avocado and lime wedges.  As you can see from the photos, the avocado on DC Taco Truck  really looks like it's had better days while everything looks bright and fresh from Best Burritos.  Personally, I think there is entertainment value in that due to the impressions just looking at the respective trucks make -- Best Burritos looks like kind of a mess and DC Taco Truck has a cleaner and generally 'improving' persona, particularly now they have a professional menu printed and adhered next to the window.  Labeling and/or description of sauces available on the shelf for self-service proves to be a challenge for the pair.  Both trucks earn 3 honks based on the company in that group, yet if I'm comparing them to one another, I'm more likely to go back to Best Burritos before DC Taco, if only because I prefer their more simple preparation and larger menu.  (However, it would be nice if there were pineapple available for the Al Pastor.)

Hula Girl (new item)
After months of maybe's and trying, Mikala finally found some quality Ahi to delight us with some Hawaiian Poke.  Ahi tuna, sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, green & white onions, and chili water served with sweet potato chips.  So delicate and so flavorful, and the obviously high quality fish easily warrants the $11 pricetag, or better yet $13 as a plate lunch.  It's my understanding poke will be a special when tuna is available, so you've just gotta ask for it.  And you totally should.

Steak Bites
Cheesesteaks from a school bus, and they are pretty good.  About what you'd expect, although I'd return to this truck before both Bada Bing and Phillies Phamous.  It is also the least expensive of all three.  Chicken steaks are also offered, although when I asked if they could make a buffalo chicken cheesesteak (by adding hotsauce to the chicken while cooking) they didn't understand what I was asking for and replied to say they would be bringing pizza cheesesteaks to the menu soon.  Ok then.  3.5 honks.

Ooh Dat Chicken
Two visits to Franklin Square last week were advertised as McPherson Square, and despite several customers advising them of their error, the operators seemed uninterested in correcting their mistake.  I had been interested in checking this truck out since FoodTruckFiesta first announced they would be joining the ranks, thinking I might be able to get a meal close to what I get at El Pollo Rico without having to go to Virginia.  They don't have a fryer aboard, so I knew I wouldn't be getting fries (as I would at EPR) but they do offer a variety of sides that customers can select two from to go with chicken meals.  From the window, you can see the rotisserie wall and whole chickens happily roasting.  Unfortunately, even though the chicken looked enough the part to be compared to El Pollo Rico, the otherwise juicy chicken sorely lacked seasoning as did the potato salad.  And without any of the Peruvian chicken dipping sauces you might find any of the pollo a la brassa chicken joints around here, nothing could save the plate of value-priced food except maybe the corn which was tolerable, primarily due to the 'gastrique sauce' poured on top.  ($6.50 for a quarter white meat with two sides and a small, dry, mass-produced roll.)  3 honks.  Might try again once they have been in business more than 1 day of service.

What the Pho?

Not much new going on here except the addiction I've alluded to before for the lemongrass chicken lettuce wraps. They make a great lunch, or bring them home for dinner and eat the wrapped chicken cold.  I sometimes cut up the lettuce and vegetables once home and make everything in to a salad, but however I choose to eat it, I have yet to be disappointed.  I still give Rachel of Phonation a slight edge on pho broth  and WTP? on the pho meat from what I've had at both so far, but Rob of What the Pho? should certainly be rated at 4 honks given I don't miss a Monday visit to Farragut Square.  

Popped! Republic
Rich is starting to bring some new flavors to the truck, including an in-season maple popcorn last week along with the launch of the new-and-improved website.  He reports that in the coming weeks he has more flavors coming, many of which would typically not fare well on a hot summertime truck like chocolate drizzle and Reese's.  I said REESE'S!!!  Until they arrive, I can recommend the maple as a less sweet cousin to caramel corn.

New trucks I've noticed out but haven't had the chance to try: Ali Baba Kitchen, DC Doner, India Bytes, and Sassy Sandwiches.  The only strong thoughts I had of any so far was observing Sassy Sandwiches prices are really, really high; a sloppy joe was the cheapest thing on the menu, and it was $10 with chips and a drink.  As far as I can tell, there are some candidates for the Shame List due to the lack of tweets.  I guess you've just gotta stumble.