Friday, September 16, 2011

Late Snack Report

Yesterday between my friend and me, we hit 6 trucks at Franklin Square yesterday.  For my 3, in addition to the Far East Taco Grill for my actual lunch reviewed yesterday, I collected a Pollock to take away with me from The Rolling Ficelle for a late day "snack", along with some ribs for weekend noshing from BBQ Bus.  The Pollock was good, but I think I have an idea to make it better.  The idea and updated review is posted below, still under 3 honks:
The Rolling Ficelle (@TheFicelle on Twitter) -- Long, thin sandwiches served/prepared "French-style".  Fairly priced at $7 each.  I had the roast beef which was nice.  It was weird though: I asked first if they put together the sandwiches on the spot or if they were pre-"stacked".  They said fresh, so I then asked for no red onions, and they looked at me like I was green while stating "there aren't any."  For a sandwich posted as "thinly shaved, medium-rare roast beef with aged provolone cheese, red onion, and crushed cherry red pepper relish, draped with a light horseradish aioli", it didn't have red onion or the relish, but DID have lettuce.  So just note you might not get what you're expecting, but will probably be close (if my experience is any indication.)  UPDATE (16Sept): Stopped by to pick-up an afternoon/evening snack in a Pollock.  They are billing this pulled pork & swiss cheese sandwich as a monthly special at the moment, although I expect it to stick around longer than that.  In addition to the pork, it sports an onion-jalapeno relish plus a lemon-garlic aioli, and is topped with cilantro.  I requested provolone instead of the swiss and found the package was quite enjoyable but thought it could use more of a crunch.  Then it came to me ... Take this exact sandwich and add some pickled veggies of some sort and make it a play on a banh mi!  With Phonomenon and Rebel Heroes both out of business, the only close to banh mi's from a truck around here are the turkey banh mi from El Floridano and the sandwich option from Hula Girl.  Keep or lose the cheese for I'm not sure it matters as a "play on".  Call it the "đồ chua ficelle", Vietnamese for 'pickle'.  I'd be first in line to try that!