Friday, April 6, 2012

Fat n' Happy

I hit a personal record 5 food trucks today around Farragut Square today, and needless to say, "I'm STUFFED!"  First up was to see my friend Alex at Far East Taco grill, because he was open early and I hadn't caught up with him in a while, so I grabbed a couple of tacos to eat while I waited in several other lines.  No need to review his food because I say all the time how much I love it.  Then I my first visit to the new-ish truck Cirque Cuisine. While the menu changes all the time, today's offerings really reminded me of Jorge Pimentel's retired truck Sabor'a Street which truly used to be one of my very favorite trucks, mostly because the menu changed all the time and it was always high quality and very fresh.

So now Cirque Cuisine is making a go for some similar traits in the frequency of menu changes.  However, based on a few of the menus I've seen posted from them, I don't think they are limiting themselves to Latin flavors, despite what today's menu looked like.  I went for the banana leaf wrapped fish and almost felt like Chef Jessica was embodying Chef Jorge.  The fish was perfectly moist topped with an incredible pineapple (and more) tropical salsa, and served over fluffy coconut rice.  And, while the fish was awesome, the sweet but slightly salted plantains were just insane.  They melted in my mouth.  Cirque Cuisine can be found under 4 honks.

Next.  Yesterday Borinquen Lunch Box tweeted to "Chef Driven" something to the effect of "nice to meet you today and good luck" so I asked, "Who's Chef Driven?"  (More on that later, but) during the brief Twitter discussion, Enrique informed me they would have crab empanadas on the menu for today.  Of course that meant I had to therefore make a stop at his truck today.  I found them to be light and crispy with an appropriate blend of flavorful crab meat and red peppers. 

After a quick stop to grab some sweet potato tots from DC Slices for afternoon noshing, (woot ... they're back...!) I started heading back to my office and stumbled upon, none other than, Chef Driven!  He was parked off the Square and looked pretty lonely compared to all the activity only a couple hundred feet away.

After a gander at the menu and a quick chat with the owners to explain I actually knew who they were because of my random Twitter conversation yesterday, I further explained I had already stuffed myself silly.

Totally appreciating my dilemma (although having zero idea I would be blogging about them later,) they offered a sample.  OMG!  Look what I was handed a minute later:

It's beautiful!  And ridiculously good.  Typically I don't care for tomato soup unless something else is going on with it (like beans, pasta, etc,) and this Brazilian variety totally satisfied.  I've only had a couple of spoonfuls so far, but will totally devour the tomato-coconut-rice concoction later.  With only a taste, I don't feel right awarding a rating, but I'm feeling like this will be a 4 honker.  I anxiously await the next visit to anywhere in a 4-block radius of 19th & I so I can chow down on a whole meal.  (HINT, HINT!)

Earlier this week, I made a return to Flavors of India where my biggest complaint after my first visit was with the naan; it was much improved this time, and I continue to be happy with what is being served off the white bus.  I also caught Pepe for a second try, and while I of course HAD to get the IbĂ©rico again, I figured I should try something else too.  The Butifarra "Burger" would earn 3.5 honks on its own (but average 4 & 3.5, you still get 4) for the combination of aioli and "brava" sauce -- A party!  And a nice complement to the juicy, uncased, flat sausage.
Happy Easter everyone!