Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kaiser Soze

Finally back from vacation and I stumbled upon the new truck Chupacabra at Farragut today, while I had totally been planning on grabbing a BB from Fojol of Benethopia.  WOW!  I was giggling I was so satisfied after enjoying one of my selections, and when a co-worker came in to my office to discuss a problem, all I could say was "Chupacabra".  She said "Huh?" and I repeated "Chupacabra" for a couple of go-rounds.  (I'm really not joking, and afterwards I thought the exchange reminded of a scene from Usual Suspects...)  Plus, I know I'm sounding like a broken record again, but kudos to the owner who was warm and engaging.  The review and photos have been added to the first blog entry under 3.5 honks:
Chupacabra Taqueria (@chupacabraDC on Twitter) -- A kick-ass logo to go with a (mostly) kick-ass new truck!  Serving a variety of both classic and not-so-classic tacos, I ordered 3 with an order of posole soup on the side for a nice warm up on a rainy day.  First up, the traditional "Al Pastor" with pork & grilled pineapple.  The tortilla made this next to impossible to eat for it fell apart with the first bite, but the flavor was authentic ... just like I got from a street vendor last time I was in Mexico.  Next, the pot roast taco, and while this one was also quite difficult to eat, it almost wasn't worth the effort.  I LOVE pot roast, but I think it may just not work in a taco -- it was too soft, too wet, and needed more flavor.  Then the heaven's parted as I dug in to my final selection, dubbed the chupagobbler.  It was a whole, perfect Thanksgiving meal in a couple of bites, which surprisingly didn't fall apart like the others.  Roasted turkey, cumin gravy, garden sage stuffing, and a cranberry pineapple compote.  OMG!  Had I gotten only these tacos, we'd be at 4 honks, however I feel I've got to average my total experience out.  The soup had rice instead of hominy due to a delivery problem, explained upon ordering.  Although it wasn't particularly (temperature) hot, the flavor was nice, and the avocado added a perfect creaminess.  When the hominy is added, I imagine I'll be dining on the posole frequently as the winter goes on.  Everything was served with cilantro and finely chopped onions along with shaved radish, which is a nice change from the more conventional shredded cabbage.  They also offer a salsa bar with a variety of fresh selections to doctor up your order.
Just before leaving for this last trip, I was able to try Kabob Bites again, but didn't have the time to update the post.  Unfortunately KB remains at 2.5 honks with a photo added and a couple of comments about the buttered chicken.  Bottom line is it is tough to compete with the buttered chicken from Fojol.