Monday, September 19, 2011

"Where's the beef?"

Now that school is back in session, trucks are starting to return regularly to GWU, which was convenient for me today with only one truck tweeting they'd be at Farrugut today, so I thought I'd take a jaunt in a different direction. First review for Capitol Greenz posted in the first post (with pic) and pasted below:
CapitolGreenz (@capitolgreenz on Twitter) -- I'm trying to decide between 2.5 & 3 honks, but will give it 3 because the food was good and I think we need a truck serving panini's. But, can I have some meat please? I ordered a roast beef & cheddar panini with grilled onions & horseradish. The flavor was great, especially the grilled onions which were not too overpowering. However the sandwich only had a slice and a half of roast beef total. I also put a knife through it so it would be easier to eat, and was a little surprised that the sandwich came whole. Salads & sandwiches are $7 each, plus they had a couple of soups, including today a black bean (hot) and gazpacho (cold).