Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why did I wait so long?

...Maybe it is the heavy focus on vegetable-based dishes that kept me away from Fojol Brothers of Benethiopia do long.  Or the fact that my prior experiences with injera were unfavorable.  But today I finally visited for a dingo bite and fell in love.  Injera is still "eh" in my book, but totally appropriate to scoff down some beef berbere on my way back down I Street.  I didn't even make it 1/2 way to 18th Street before my little "amuse bouche" was gone, and was instantly wishing I had gotten a whole order.  Review:
Fojol Bros of Benethopia (@fojolbros on Twitter) -- Totally unexpected debut at 4 honks after finally trying Fojol's famous Beef Berbere, but if I measure how much I am craving another serving many hours after trying it, it must be a winner!  Cubed beef with a nice heat in a rich sauce served with injera.  After waiting so long to try it, I'll be back for an Ethiopian "BB" the very next time they come around because I will be thinking about it for that long.  I have no doubt.  Only complaint would be the injera was actually cold... chilled even.  Room temp or slightly warm would have been better because with the first couple of bites, it made the beef even "feel" cool when I ate it.
I got only the dingo bite because I saw a new (albeit pretty ugly) truck lurking, and figured it was small enough to (finally!) sample with a full-sized serving of something else from another truck.  

So, along came Blue Nine with non-curry/sauced-type Indian food.  Review and pic under three honks: 
Blue Nine (Not yet on Twitter) -- Another discovery by stumbling upon a foreign truck during a Farrugut lunch run, serving lamb kabobs, biryani, and a gyro-looking "handheld" of some sort.  I ordered the lamb which had nice flavor, but was quite dry and didn't look anything like the picture on the side of the truck showing large pieces of grilled lamb; my order of more gyro-sized bits of lamb was spooned from a tray with a lid and definitely didn't seem grilled.  The rice I quite enjoyed though...well seasoned and not dry at all. $7. It's his second day; I'll go back when he's had a chance to work out some kinks.
Terrible news yesterday about Sabor'a Street, but a new 4-honker to take its place today.  Heading off on vacation tomorrow, but may try to hit a few Florida trucks while I'm there.  Field trip!!!   Later folks...  Enjoy Truckeroo on Friday.  Go get a $5 1/4 rack of ribs from Che @ BBQ Bus.  Add some extra #5 sauce.  You won't be sorry!