Thursday, October 13, 2011

Goode Surfside

Two trucks today, Goode's Mobile Kitchen (again, yes, I know...) and Surfside Truck's debut at Farragut.  Nothing to update at Goode's in the review other than a better picture of the chicken cheese steak, although I did find the $.50 charge to use credit off-putting.  No other truck charges for credit, or they take cash only.  Especially when the charge from Square (for example) is $.22-.27 on Goode's average order, how come $.50?  I still like these guys -- they are pleasant and give samples, and although it takes forever, clearly I'm enjoying it because I've been several times recently.  I've stopped going to Basil Thyme because I think Brian's attitude needs adjusting, so I'd reconsider the substantial up-charge on the credit payments.  (Not that losing my personal business will cause a big fall in the numbers, it is the principle of it.)  :-/

Second stop, although first to eat, was the super speedy service from Surfside Truck.  The two entree menu options were chicken tacos or fish tacos made with tilapia, plus there was chicken tortilla soup.  While I LOVE fish tacos, after last week's well-repeated story on WTOP about how bad tilapia is for you, I opted for the chicken.  Both selections were $9 with a side of rice and beans.  I was all ready to slot Surfside in at 3.5 honks, until I got to the rice and beans.  Review with a picture has been included in the updated first post under 3 honks:
Surfside (@surfsidetruckdc on Twitter) -- Two entree menu options were chicken tacos or tilapia fish tacos, plus there was chicken tortilla soup.  Both taco plates, served with guac, lime crema, and pico de gallo, were $9 with a side of rice and beans.  I opted for the chicken where I received two tacos with a disproportionately large filling of delicious chicken, making them very difficult to eat; one more taco with the same amount of total filling(s) spread among three instead of two would have made more sense.  Not being one to particularly mind getting my hands dirty, the mess was fine and Surfside was headed to 3.5 honks, that was until I tried the rice and beans.  TOTALLY inedible.  There is something to be said for a little al dente or having a little bite, but both the rice and the beans were horribly undercooked.  Personally, I could have used some hot sauce for flavor as well, although honestly I can't remember if there was any available on the serving counter.  If not, it would be welcomed.
Bummed I'll be missing Truckapalooza tomorrow because I'm off, but everyone should check out the party over on the campus of GWU.  Then headed to Vegas next week where I have learned there are a healthy number of trucks to stalk....  Laterz!