Monday, April 2, 2012

Mojo wins with Tapas

To date I still haven't been to the Mojo truck as the 'Chivitos' don't appeal to me personally, but last Friday the same team of people officially launched a second truck, this time with a tapas concept.  At the moment, they offer 4 savory options (2 for $8 or 3 for $9,) plus flan for dessert ($3.)  All tapas plates are served with potatoes provencal, a.k.a. seasoned french fries.  The result is $9 will get you a ton of food.

Starting at 12-o'clock, we have spicy, garlic sauteed shrimp over a piece of french bread.  Of the three tapas today, this was by far my favorite as a whole, and to me was the most appropriate tapa "size".  It is just as it sounds, but the juice from the saute pan get soaked up deliciously by the bread when the small shrimp are poured over for serving.  

Next I had the sausage shown on the left which, billed as chorizo, didn't come off that way.  I was expecting some good heat but this was quite mild.  As far as format is concerned, I had Jaleo's chorizo tapas in my head, which has 5 little sausages, about the size and shape of Vienna Sausages (not taste or texture, obviously.)  Thus, my (unfair) expectation was different than what I received, yet I personally wouldn't call a single, large link like this a tapa.  Having said all that, the quinoa salad it was served on with dried cranberries, lentils, herbs and more was the single best thing on the plate -- I'd order a bowl of that on it's own.

Finally, the potato croquette, stuffed with (a little) bacon and provolone cheese...  Despite being creamy, well flavored, and perfectly fried, it was dry.  I found myself trying to rub each bite in the well of the container which held the shrimp for a little moisture.  It would be well suited to be served with some sort of sauce.

Tapas Truck is serving something different than what other trucks presently offer, and notwithstanding the fact it is served in a styrofoam container, there is a pleasant, slightly more "refined" feel to the plate.  3.5 honks.