Friday, May 4, 2012

Lots of Revists

As I think about the last couple of weeks, I realized I've been hitting a lot of folks I've passed over for relatively long periods of time in favor of sampling some of the newer trucks as they've been popping up.  It's not that I stayed away for specific reasons, but I also try to keep the blog fresh and current.  I've made returns to Pi, Hula, Sauca, Halal Gyro Plus, Goode's Mobile Kitchen, and more, and am pleased to say I was really happy with everything.  Even fine dining restaurants unfortunately can become complacent and suffer a decline in quality, so I think the measure of long-term consistency among most of the food truck operators warrants a big gold star.

After grabbing my kick-ass picnic blanket sack from Scoops2U (see above), I returned to two more for lunch today.  A couple of weeks ago I had pizza for the first time in a long while from DC Slices (although I'd been going for the sweet potato tots along the way) and commented on how much more I enjoyed it with thin crust rather than the thicker crust I recollected.  Tweet-master Tom indicated, yes it was thinner but because they thought the scale might have been off.  Of course I "suggested" they stick with the broken scale because it made the pizza so much less "heavy feeling".  Without any expectation my thoughts on the matter had anything to do with it, when I chowed down on my buffalo chicken with blue cheese slice today, there was still a really nice thin, crispy crust!!  YAY!  DC Slices is moving to 4 honks and will definitely be part of my regular rotation (for what there is of a 'rotation.')

My next stop was to Rolls on Rolls where I took issue with dry chicken in my last review.  Today's Kathi roll was anything but dry.  I ordered mine spicy, and in addition to being moist with expressive flavors, they weren't kidding when they kick up the heat -- there's some fire in there!  Since my primary complaint was with the un-juicy chicken, Rolls on Rolls is moving up as well, to 3.5 honks.

The final stop was to Scoops2U, not just to return the blanket, but to get a delicious chipwich.  As I pretty much expected to happen at some point, the prices of the sandwiches went up by $1 to $4, but given my comments in my last review I think the bump is totally warranted.  Today I put together a taste sensation of peanut butter cookies with salted caramel crunch ice cream.  Sinplicity needs to watch out for the (slightly) new(er) kid on the block!

I hope everyone has a great time at Curbside Cookoff tomorrow, operators and patrons!  Here's to hoping the rain stays away....

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