Thursday, September 15, 2011

Competition for TaKorean Opened Today: Far East Taco Grill

And Far East Taco Grill is throwin' it down!  Slow and partially disorganized, but they've just started so hopefully they'll learn quickly.  But, you know me, I'm not shy about sharing my opinion, and with that, I think these guys have it well over TaKorean for taste.  4 honk review included in original post: 
Far East Taco Grill (@FarEastTG on Twitter) -- When I first saw the menu for Far East a few weeks ago, my immediate reaction was "wow, that's exactly what TaKorean serves," but I also was plainly aware of the (now) hoards of halal/kabob trucks roaming DC's streets which all seem to survive, so maybe not such a big deal.  It took a very long time to get served, and when I got my order it was wrong.  But after I finally dug in, I was quite content: marinated & grilled chicken and beef, with a choice of 4 slaw options, options for chopped onions, cilantro, sesame seeds, and a lime crema, plus a choice of 4 additional sauces.  THAT is what gets 'em to 4 honks!  Besides the proteins being juicy and flavorful, the sauces rock, even including the lime crema!  I particularly enjoyed the pineapple sauce although I wish there was also a spicy pineapple sauce to choose from, or at least if I could have sriracha AND pineapple rather than one or the other.  (I'll ask next time.)  Even the kimchi slaw option is better here than TaKorean in my opinion.  3 tacos for $8 is a buck cheaper, but was the starting price when the blue guy started out too, so I wouldn't be surprised if that changed.  Really nice job guys.  Giving you the benefit of doubt that it was one of your first couple of days and service will improve, so 4 honks!
I also stopped at The Rolling Ficelle to check out the Pollock special sandwich today.  Will be chowing down on that later in the day and will update posts accordingly.  Plus made a quick stop to visit Che and grab some ribs for the weekend at BBQ Bus; no need to update that post -- I'm happy to be torturing the people in the office with the AMAZING aroma.  "Too bad for you guys!  You should join me to the trucks more often." ;-)

Who's been to Smith Meadows Grill truck in Arlington?  A friend hit me up on Facebook with a scathing review today, and I'm curious what others think...?

Anyway, Happy Weekend, folks!  Off tomorrow.

P.S. -- Does anyone know what the silver truck on the NE corner of Farrugut Square was today?  I passed by Farrugut walking down I Street but was in a hurry, so didn't make it close enough to check it out.