Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally Goode

Goode's Mobile Kitchen has been hiding from me, but alas, no more!  The secret is he's only at Farrugut every other Thursday, which is unfortunate because I really enjoyed it.  I'm kicking him off at 3.5 honks with the following review detailed in the first blog post:
Goode's Mobile Kitchen (@mobilekitchen on Twitter) -- FINALLY caught up with these super nice guys serving up "Caribbean Soul Food".  They were offering free samples of jerk chicken to anyone walking by which changed my mind on what to order.  I normally don't care for jerk, but this was sweet and mildly spicy with a quite pleasant sauce to go on top.  It could actually stand to have had more heat IMHO, but the owner did comment he didn't make it too spicy to satisfy the general public.  (OK, I could probably add a little extra hot sauce to it if I want.)  The jerk chicken cheesesteak cooked to order and served with whatever accompaniments you'd like (peppers, onions, lettuce, tomato, etc) took a bit longer than expected, but for $8 I received a huge mess of a sub sandwich exactly how I wanted it with amazing flavor.  And when I say "mess of a sub" it really was ... very difficult to eat because the soft bread just crumbled apart with the heavy chunks of chicken topped by the melted cheese and sauce just making everything wet.  But it tasted so good.  Can't wait to go back and try something else like chicken curry, turkey burger, or a crab cake, however he's visiting Farrugut only every other Thursday.  Boo!  (Pic below)
Also made a stop at BBQ Bus to get myself some 3 bean chili as a side to my sandwich.  While I updated the review and added a photo, I haven't moved them yet to 4 honks yet -- I'd really like to try the ribs but it appears the only way to get ribs on the current menu is to order the combo which comes with 4 ribs and BBQ chicken.  There used to be an option to buy a 1/2 rack, but it doesn't seem to be available any more.  Or, how about a 3x3?  3 ribs served with an order of 3-bean chili....