Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yet Another Gyro (and such) Truck

Based on tweets, it seems New York Gyro & Kabob has been out a while, but has been focused at Metro Center for about a month.  With its (possible?) inaugural visit to Farragut, I ordered my regular chicken over rice to compare apples with apples.  Maybe they do things different in New York than they do with halal here, but this platter definitely did not work for me.  Dry chicken.  A red sauce which was more tomato-y than anything else, and not particularly spicy as I'd otherwise be expecting.  White sauce had an aggressive Greek yogurt flavor.  (While I understand it is one of the ingredients, other trucks are far more successful at mellowing the taste.)  The channa was very mushy but the rice was decent.  I also didn't understand the chunks of green bell peppers1.5 honks.  BTW -- I don't think the propane tank is up to code....?  (Granted, I have no idea what code, but this looks really dangerous.)

Meanwhile, I also hit Sauca for the first time in about a year for a Mexicali Fish Taco.  Another one I don't know for sure why I stayed away so long ... OK, I do know and it's because I've been spending so much time trying to sample all the new trucks, but still...