Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eat Street Blog

The woman who coordinates the blog for Eat Street, the program dedicated to US & Canadian food trucks on the Cooking Channel, suggested a theme this week of "What's the best thing you ever ate from a truck?"  When you love as many trucks as I do (and think so highly of so many owners,) it really is a daunting task to limit it to only one thing.  And, while I called out Chef Driven in my contributing post, I wanted to make it a point to name a few other honorable mentions in it as well.

One of the suggested items comes from a truck that was off the road making repairs for nearly four months, but alas has come back to me!  The adorable boys from Goode's Mobile Kitchen graced the West End today, allowing for a long-craved jerk chicken cheesesteak.

My love for this sandwich is well documented, but I wanted to welcome them back in to the fold after hiatus.  Thanks for my sub, gentlemen.

Check out the Eat Street blog post for a few more, but by no means all, of my favorites.