Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rain & Protesters

Persistent rain and pesky Occupy protesters clogging downtown kept a whole lot of trucks off the road today so the options seemed quite few going in to my lunchtime.  Luckily I was running late because a (relatively) late tweet from Dorothy Moon had me out the door in a split second.  Fourth day out and already running pretty efficiently.  Their Facebook page advertises a pretty extensive burger menu so I don't know if it is because they are so new and are just trying to feel things out, or if maybe the rain, and therefore lighter demand, caused a stunted menu but the offerings were pretty simple: $6 for a single, $7 for a double.  You could select as many toppings as you wanted for the inclusive price, including bacon, 3 kinds of cheese, an egg, several sauces & condiments, plus a bunch of vegetables.  The review and photo are published under 4 honks:
Dorothy Moon's Gourmet Burgers (@DorothyMoon1 on Twitter) -- Nearly two months ago I mused, for a town that LOVES its burgers, we didn't have a truck serving up any.  Alas, that is no more because we now have exactly that: an amazing burger truck!  Cooked to order, reasonably priced, and good service, particularly for a group who's only been serving for 4 days.  They'll put whatever they've got on the truck on your 1/4# (pre-cook weight) burger with soft bun, and the selection is pretty decent, although they will only cook it medium-well; I asked for mid-rare.  All was fine though ... the burger was perfectly juicy despite being only slightly pink.  I may have said this before and even meant it, but I had to have broken a new record with exactly how quickly I inhaled my double burger it was so good.  Provided the all-around quality stays high, Dorothy Moon will quickly have a large and loyal following, however at some point the menu will probably need to expand past simply a single and a double.
BTW -- Sorry for the quality of the photos.  For some reason my iPhone has been having issues with the camera for the last few days.

My office's holiday party is coming up, and I think I might have convinced the organizer to get the food from trucks.  If we can work out the logistics, I'll start reaching out tomorrow to some folks about options.  I've managed to convince a bunch of folks in the office truck food is great, but I want to get them all anxious to try the constantly evolving menu roaming the city each day.

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