Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Revisiting Tasty Kabob & Yellow Vendor

The only reason Tasty Kabob didn't drop to 2.5 honks with today's visit is because the gyro meat is still quite good and I don't want to base these reviews only on my most recent experience.  Having said that, I won't be rushing back, even though I know these guys are wicked popular.  It definitely isn't worth the extra $1-2 over what the other halal/kabob trucks charge for (mostly) the same thing.  Updated review with a picture is included under 3 honks in the first post:
Tasty Kabob (@tastykabob on Twitter) -- I prefer the chicken from some of the other halal/gyro/kabob trucks, but the lamb is best from this one.  The meatballs are fine, moist although not much flavor without being well sauced, and the chick peas need help.  It's nice they use romaine in the salad rather than the iceberg most of the other halal/kabob trucks seem to use.  Asking for "extra spicy" doesn't seem to result in a meal with a whole lot of heat.  The white sauce is more "dill-y" than others.  (Not a complaint, just an observation.)  Prices seem to have gone up by $1 as popularity for this (family of 3 trucks in DC and a few carts in VA) has increased.  
I also made it back to Yellow Vendor yesterday.  I didn't get sick and the meat was somewhat less fatty than the last couple of visits, so those are improvements.  But the meat was still a little dry, which frankly I'm amazed by since it was swimming in hot sauce.  Moved the review to 2.5 honks.