Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a difference a month makes

Service is still a little slow, but appears to be slightly more efficient aboard the Kimchi BBQ Taco truck.  They got a cashier which is helping, but the cooking team also looks to be operating much better together.  Plus the horrendous generator noises of their opening days has been somewhat muted.  Today at Farragut Square, they were the only truck with a line; the smell from their truck overwhelmed the air (in a good way) and while I waited, I heard no less than a half dozen folks walk by musing outloud "man, that smells good" as they perused the menu.  And I was convinced without a doubt today my original "tip" to 3.5 (over 3) honks was totally the correct call.

Today I enjoyed a spicy pork kogi.  I previously had bulgogi twice, in two different fashions, and quite liked it.  The pork was rockin' though.  Lean, but juicy.  Flavorful, without being overpowering.  The dumplings are still nothing to write home about, however Kimchi BBQ Taco has enough sauces on the counter now to rival the Sauca trucks in the early days, so you can try doctoring the mandu if you want.  Run, don't walk, next time they hit a street near you.

Spicy Pork Kogi from Kimchi BBQ Taco
You also may have noticed I added a new tabbed page to the top of the blog with just the reviews.  I'm hoping that will make it easier to find the food you want to eat.  Enjoy!