Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Survived 3 natural disasters in 5 days, and now back to the trucks

And today's winner was BBQ Bus!  It would have been Sabor'a Street for soft-shell tacos since it's been a while, but they were running late...too late for me.  So armed with new information from Che (co-owner of BBQ Bus) after my last blog post about what I could order, when I saw they were nearby again I took the opportunity to check out those ribs.  As a result, they moved from 3.5 to 4 honks, with the updated review below:
BBQ Bus (@bbqbusdc on Twitter) -- At long last, they have started coming out more than just Friday-Sunday.  YAY!  Tried the BBQ Sampler Platter, which had a scoop each of chicken, pork, and beef BBQ.  Chicken & pork both had the #5 sauce, while there was a little #2 on the beef.  All the meats & all the sauces were quite tasty, including an additional BBQ sauce (Memphis-style) I got on the side so I could try it; it was nice they serve BBQ with only a little sauce, and then you can add one or more of several sauces from squeezebottles to your own desired heat & "wetness".  I wanted to try the ribs, but they seem to have stopped serving the "side" which was only 3, as opposed to a full or half rack.  The Sampler came with beans & slaw, although I swapped out the beans for corn on the cob.  The slaw was nice; vinegar-based, so not to wet or heavy, with pickled onions & jalapenos.  With my second visit I tried the 3 bean chili.  Served with Frito's on top, it had a nice kick and will be awesome on a cool day.  You almost forget there's no meat, it was so good!  UPDATE (31Aug): You know that show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on Food Network?  All the stars make a production of eating some of their favorite foods....?  That was totally me as I dove in to the ribs I was finally able to get now I know to just ask for whatever I want and Che will hook it up.  Although there was a bit more fat left on the ribs than I normally cook for myself, they were incredibly tender with the plentiful meat falling off the bone.  Plus, not only are they gently dressed with award winning Number 5 sauce, whatever concoction of seasonings being used for the dry rub should be considered for an award or two as well.  Nom nom nom.  Now one of my favorite trucks!!  Thanks Che!  (Pics below)
 Gotta love that Number 5!!!  Really, so good.