Monday, March 12, 2012

Decisions, Decisions.

Based on the known options available from tweets For lunch today, I intended to enjoy a Kogi from Kimchi BBQ Taco.  As I arrived to Farragut Square today for my ritual truck lunch, I also saw a couple of the anti-Twitter usual suspects of House of Falafel and Lasagna Plus, but what would become more interesting was the white school bus parked near the NW corner.  I passed it off as a field trip or shuttle bus as I trekked across the Square for my spicy pork box.  Then while waiting for my food I realized that little school bus had coolers out front and was serving food. Time for a brief field trip for myself!!

There's no menu to speak of, but the side of the bus has several items listed.  

I asked the friendly gentleman standing in the bus' stairwell what was available and how is it ordered.  He said they at least have two vegetables every day, along with buttered chicken and some other chicken every day.  Today they had chicken kabobs.  Still no prices or further details, so I said I'd like to try both chicken options with some rice and naan.  He clarified if that meant two orders or one and I asked if it was available as a single order.  No problem.  Apparently that order was $8.  What I received must have been a sample of just about everything they were serving because I got a huge order including all kinds of stuff.

In addition to the chicken I ordered, I also received a large portion of channa masala and a smaller portion of mixed vegetables (vegetable korma?), both of which were enjoyable as simple side dishes.  (Channa under the naan in the photo.)  The buttered chicken had more of a tang than what the Fojols serve, and definitely had less heat; I wasn't sure I loved it with my first bite, but shortly realized I was quite happy with the sauce which was perfect to dip in to with the somewhat "heavy" naan.  (A bit dense, as opposed to light and lovely they was naan should be.)  Past that, the kabob chicken was juicy with an easy tandoori flavor.  I will definitely go back and award Flavors of India 3.5 honks.  No known Twitter yet though.

Meanwhile, as I'm leaving the Square to head back to my office, I walked directly past Lasagna Plus to learn they've added a number of menu items since my first visit: they now serve platters (eggplant/chicken parmesan and meatball) and sandwiches of the same.  I nearly stopped to grab some meatballs, but at this point I was already carrying two lunches.  Next time.