Monday, January 9, 2012

House of Falafel MIGHT be trying harder

While at Farragut today for another very enjoyable lunch from Dorothy Moon, I saw the latest iteration of "renovations" to the House of Falafel truck, a truck constantly trying to find itself.  Still no wrap, but there are a couple real decals depicting the name of the truck, plus notations for both Twitter and a website.  Surprisingly, the Twitter account actually has been up a while at this point, but is barely ever used (no shock there,) and the website link printed on the truck doesn't exist (again, no surprise.)

I still don't get the way the menu is posted... an ongoing problem.  This time it's printed in horrible italic print which is hard to read on its own, but then it's posted on a "noisy" (and ugly early-80s style) background.  With a quick glance, as one might imagine he's still doing Mediterranean food, but with a few mods to the last menu I saw.  (Sorry I didn't snap another pic, but you wouldn't have been able to see it anyway.)

Soon I'll consider another visit to try a shawarma -- it can't be worse than DC Shawarma!

On a totally separate side note, Dorothy Moon's double went up by a buck (DUH!) and a triple was added to the menu.  In addition to my halal effort this weekend, I apparently was in a major cooking mood because I also made two savory jams: a bacon jam and a spicy red onion jam.  I didn't end up making the burger I had planned to put them on (yet) but it hit me like a ton of bricks: wouldn't it be awesome if savory jams became a specialty of Dorothy Moon's burgers?  OMG I'd be doing something really fun in heaven, more than just being there.... :-)