Friday, March 23, 2012

Ice Cream Treat Season Has Begun!

After a mild winter, the cold treat trucks are beginning to come back out of the woodwork, starting with Scoops2U who's joined in the food truck party quite a bit as of late.  At the end of last season they were just starting out and you could occasionally find them randomly offering free 1/2 chipwiches at DCs usual truck locations.  With the recent warm weather, you can now regularly get whole sandwiches and cones (including in "specialty" flavors like pretzel and chocolate chip cookie cones) are available for $3.  That makes Scoops one of the best deals in DC.  

Look at it this way -- can you walk out of a 7-Eleven and get a mass-produced, probably freezer-burned chipwich for less than $2?  Unlikely.  For a buck more than that, this one is made on the spot with fresh baked cookies (or brownies, etc) and homemade ice cream.  Go early in the day rather than later because the cookies are softer, making the whole package substantially easier to eat.  Trust me on that one... I had one last week late in the day, and while delicious, the slightly harder cookie made taking a bite quite difficult as much of the ice cream just got squeezed out the back.

It also sounds like Sinplicity will come out to play again pretty soon, starting with weekend farmers markets and hopefully the truck soon after.  (CAN'T WAIT!!!)  I haven't heard anything from the Orange Cow or Pleasant Pops, but I have no doubt they both are making plans for 2012 launches.  Plus Goodies will be launching soon, which I am very much looking forward to.

As it turned out, this became a week of catching up with a couple old friends after hitting up Hula Girl, and today Far East Taco Grill.  I hadn't seen either Mikala or Alex in quite a while as I continually try to keep up with the new trucks and spread the love (...a near impossible task...) but it's always nice to return to old standbys that always deliver.  Thanks M & A, as always.  Happy weekend!

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