Thursday, March 29, 2012

Revisiting Kraving Kabob

Lunchtime today presented an opportunity for another visit to try Kraving Kabob again.  The last time there were issues with my order for no apparent reason, but when I tweeted the blog post, they did reply to offer a freebie on my next visit.  And with this visit (sans freebie) it was clear they genuinely want to try and please their customers.  I ordered something off-menu knowing the ingredients were on-board, although not at all to test them.  Kraving Kabob offers a couple of chicken options and also a steak & cheese, so I asked if they could do a chicken-steak and cheese.  "No problem, we want you to be happy" was the cheerful reply.  While I ended up taking all the filling and eating it on 1/2 the sub roll, I think this may be a sandwich they should consider adding to the menu.  I was grateful it came with the same flavorful green sauce without having to ask, as I had forgotten about it from last time.  It was otherwise about what you'd expect: chopped chicken kabob and cheese on a long roll.

Since my November visit, they've changed the brand they use for french fries, plus they are now served loosely wrapped in aluminum foil which wasn't completely closed so the steaming problem has gone away ... major improvements for both points.  I'd like to see some sauces available to the customers on the counter for adding to sandwiches or for fry dipping, but when I asked for white sauce for my fries, it didn't seem to be too big a deal other than it took attention away from the person trying to order from the same guy.

One no-no that I called Goode's out on back in October is the surcharge on credit cards, but was more egregious at Kraving Kabob.  My order was $8 and I handed over my credit card.  In this case I was told about the $.50 surcharge after the card was scanned, to which I replied "I would have paid cash then, had I known."  Apparently Kraving Kabob makes two trucks (that I know of) which charge to take credit, to my point related to Goode's Mobile Kitchen:
"...although I did find the $.50 charge to use credit off-putting.  No other truck charges for credit, or they take cash only.  Especially when the charge from Square (for example) is $.22-.27 on Goode's average order, how come $.50? ... so I'd reconsider the substantial up-charge on the credit payments."
At least Goode's told me up-front and didn't swipe my card before advising of the charge.

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