Thursday, November 17, 2011

Talking about balancing the scores

Yesterday I mentioned if the only thing I ate from Chupacabre was the turkey taco, they'd be at 4 honks, but I wanted to balance my rating based on all the selections from the menu I had an opportunity to try.  So, to be fair, similarly, if the jerk chicken cheesesteak is the only thing I'd ever had from Goode's Mobile Kitchen, they'd totally be at 4 honks too.  That cheesesteak is to die for.  Just sayin'....


  1. Agreed on that Jerk Chicken Cheesteak... that's a delicious mess!

  2. NO JOKE! I get one nearly every Thursday with extra sauce, but I take it home with me. Over the weekend it gets eaten in a couple of sittings. Just cut off how much you want, drizzle with a little sauce so it doesn't get dry, and stick it in the microwave lightly covered for 45-60 seconds. I'm happy all weekend!!! :-)