Thursday, May 3, 2012

How can you go wrong with Teriyaki?

...Marinate some meat in some teriyaki sauce, cook said meat, then hit it with some more sauce.  No argument here!

Last time I was at the Hula Girl truck, someone on line told me she was there because her friend told her the chicken was awesome. It occurred to me I'd never tried it, so today that changed.  Typically I have such a hard time deciding which 'format' to order my meal in, but I've always ever ordered steak.  After that it's always a question of picking between my loves: do I want spicy mayo, pickled veg, and loads of cilantro, or am I more in the mood for sticky rice and creamy mac salad.  The answer usually results in a sandwich order, but sometimes I'll switch it up a bit and go for some of those addicting carbs.  (How did Hawaiian's come to love carbs so much, anyway?)  I'd suggest eating the grilled chicken from the bottom-up so the pieces are steadily glazed with the tangy sauce which pools at the bottom.  Delish!

I also had an opportunity to taste the Kalua pork today, and as a result I offer this PSA to the handful of folks who have either commented on this blog or told me in person the pork is salty:  You should go try it again!  Not salty, just succulent noshing.  I may actually order it on purpose again next time!  

As always, thanks Mikala!  See you very soon.

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