Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Struck by Amorino's Arrow

When there is a pretty large, static menu available, is it really fair to give a singular rating after only one visit?  I don't know... I may have to ponder that.  BUT, if I were to give the new truck coming from a brick-and-mortar Amorini Panini honks, I'd give my sandwich 4 honks and the chili 3.  With a slightly different menu and higher prices than the Penn Quarter storefront, they have motto of "The Panini ... Done Right".  That they do!  My Southwestern was very generous for $6.29 both in the size of the bread slices, but also in the fillings stuffing the two slices of (your choice) sourdough or wheat.  The menu describes Amorini Sauce as being sweet & tangy mustard yet fails to describe what Amorini fire sauce is.  Can't complain though; it is delicious.  Still a tangy mustard I think, although there is also a decent hot pepper base without being too spicy.  The cheese melted to a lovely 'goo' and the sandwich was otherwise perfectly grilled.  As a bonus, the styrofoam containers they use are manufactured with ventilation holes in the top so your hot panini doesn't go in and steam, making it less crispy before you have a chance to dig in.  Kudos on that!

I also ordered a side of turkey & bean chili, not realizing how big the sandwich would be.  (I would have gotten the 1/2 panini & soup had I known.)  It was fine.  Not BBQ Bus, PORC, or Tops American Trucks level, but pleasant anyway.  About what you'd expect as a "soup of the day" offering.

Bottom line, I will go back without hesitation, and might even try something else.  The food was high quality and a good value.  Scoring at 3.5 honks ... the average of 4 & 3.

One further note, they are the first truck I've encountered that actually charges tax directly.  No doubt it has something to do with the brick-and-mortar location, but I wasn't anticipating an unrounded total check.

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