Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PORC & Big Cheese

Yesterday I made a revisit to PORC and my own inaugural visit to Big Cheese after having a craving for some Cowgirl Creamery goodness.  After my last visit to PORC then being told next time I should get the mainstay pulled pork BBQ, I still was delinquent in that task although it is will now be a priority.  (The box my sausage came in had a smudge of BBQ sauce on it which I couldn't resist sampling -- holy crap that was good!  So, next time, I swear!  I just have to be in the mood to have more of a mess consuming my workday lunch.)

So, what did I get?  Well, not quite what I expected, but still tasty.  Lamb & beef merguez sausage with fig goat cheese.  You can see from the tweet I was expecting some sort of balsamic onion reduction which I did not receive yet was really looking forward to.  Instead there was a whole bunch of mustard which, to be fair, I think I might have been posted on the menu board when I got to the truck but failed to pay enough attention.  Anyway, it's tough to go wrong with any sausage selection, particularly coming from Simply Sausage, and this one didn't disappoint with its fresh flavors joining a little heat.  Plus, the goat cheese was awesome.  Mild, creamy, and modestly sweetened by figs.  As I've observed at other places, while I thought there was too much bread (crumb) for the offering as a whole, I was impressed at the elevated quality of the it over a more traditional deli sub roll.  Sticking with 3.5 honks and will be definitely going for the BBQ next time.  BBQ Bus, watch out!  ;-D  (jk)

Second stop was to grab a sandwich from Big Cheese, coming out with an initial 3 honk rating:
Anything that involves cheese from Cowgirl Creamery can't be 1/2 bad, particularly when we're talking the rich & creamy Mt. Tam...  And this grilled cheese with apples and honey wasn't (1/2 bad).  As one might imagine, a grilled cheese really should be eaten right away when it's most ooey-gooey.  Unfortunately I walked 2 blocks in 50* temps to my office which steamed the bread more than I would have liked.  My fault and I'll know next time.  Bites which included apple were better than those without apple where I just ended up with mostly a mouthful of just wholegrain bread.  It is a pretty good sized sandwich, but isn't close to filling me up at $6.50.
Mt. Fuji from Big Cheese

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