Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If only the guys from BBQ Bus would switch teams

...then I could marry one, have his adorable babies, and always be well fed!  OK, well not really but you all know by now about my love affair with BBQ Bus.  (Besides the fact I'm a girl, they probably wouldn't want me anyway since I had Che and Tadd confused for one another.  Sorry guys for the prior confusion, but Che was always responding to my tweets and blog posts, yet Tadd was at the window knowing everything about them.)  :-o

Anyway, free lunch was being offered at work today as a part of a conference I'm participating in, but the Guinness beef stew with fire-roasted corn was calling my name 5 blocks (sans umbrella) through the rain.  It was obviously cooked low and slow because any alcohol taste of the beer was totally gone leaving just a rich and creamy medley with tomatoes and onions.  Piled on white basmati rice with a generic roll on the side, I did find it was better with hot sauce when I got back to work.  Had I known while I was still at the truck, I would have doused it with some #24 sauce which I snuck a taste of while I was waiting.  Believe the advertisement of "tangy with a KICK"; it would have been a perfect accompaniment for a little extra punch.  Then there was the fire-roasted corn, which needed no improvement at all.

I took a photo to include but it came out particularly poorly.  As a perfect winter-warmer, I'm sure I'll have another chance soon to snap another.  You guys have really elevated yourselves to truly be one of my favorite DC food trucks.  Until next time.... 

For the rest of the dish on BBQ Bus, don't forget to check out the first blog post here.

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